Freymiller Family Members Support Truck Drivers

Posted by Chris Teague

At Freymiller, it’s no secret that our truck drivers are the lifeblood of our business. We attribute much of our success to the long hours our drivers put in away from their families. This month is dedicated to appreciating and telling the stories of the families who support them when they’re out on the road and when they return home.

Steve Woolard has been driving for Freymiller for almost three years. Although his career with the company is still budding, his wife Deborah says Steve enjoys the work he does immensely.

“The best thing is that my husband enjoys working for Freymiller, and I’m not just saying that,” Deborah said. “He talks to Mr. Freymiller occasionally and enjoys the fact that he takes a few minutes out of his day to talk to Steve. He likes his job, which makes everything better and easier. He’s happy, so I’m happy.”

The Woolards live in Houston, Texas, and although Deborah has yet to venture onto the road with her husband, she says the two communicate frequently throughout his various trips and appreciates being able to have that contact with him when he’s not here.

Jennifer Mills, however, is a more seasoned spouse of a Freymiller truck driver. Her husband Duane Mills has been driving for Freymiller for 25 years—over 2 million accident-free miles—and the two have fallen into a familiar routine.

We don’t talk too frequently,” she said. “At this point, I know the job and roll with the punches. When I was younger and he first started driving, he was home one week out of the month. However, this side of marriage we really talk to each other only when necessary.”

Although their communication styles may differ, both Deborah and Jennifer understand that the time their husbands spend at home with their families is precious.

“When [Duane]’s home, I try to make it as big of an occasion as possible,” Jennifer said. “We push back holidays until he gets home. Nothing happens until his truck pulls back into the driveway. He’s a huge asset to this family, and we want to do everything we can to support him spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

Deborah also tries to make her time with her husband extra special.

“I try to make sure he gets his rest first, and I usually fix his favorite meal or bake cookies. Living out of a truck three or four weeks at a time, he enjoys coming home to spend time with family.”

With their husbands out on the road so frequently, Deborah and Jennifer are usually left to their own devices. As matriarchs of the family, they hold down the fort to make sure the bills are paid, any broken appliances are fixed and the grandchildren well spoiled.

With support systems like these, it would be hard not to appreciate everything our drivers do. Thank you, Deborah and Jennifer, for sharing your stories, and a HUGE thank you to Duane and Steve for everything you do for Freymiller! We couldn’t do it without you. To learn more about becoming a Freymiller driver, visit or call our recruiters at 405-491-2800.